Local Feature Descriptor for Image Matching: A Survey

Chengcai Leng, Hai Zhang, Bo Li, Guorong Cai, Zhao Pei, Li He
2019 IEEE Access  
Image registration is an important technique in many computer vision applications such as image fusion, image retrieval, object tracking, face recognition, change detection and so on. Local feature descriptors, i.e., how to detect features and how to describe them, play a fundamental and important role in image registration process, which directly influence the accuracy and robustness of image registration. This paper mainly focuses on the variety of local feature descriptors including some
more » ... retical research, mathematical models, and methods or algorithms along with their applications in the context of image registration. The existing local feature descriptors are roughly classified into six categories to demonstrate and analyze comprehensively their own advantages. The current and future challenges of local feature descriptors are discussed. The major goal of the paper is to present a unique survey of the state-of-the-art image matching methods based on feature descriptor, from which future research may benefit.
doi:10.1109/access.2018.2888856 fatcat:rshfx326izcfdgk5ed6umit7wi