Chairperson\'s Page

S Balasubramanian
2022 Pediatric Infectious Disease  
Chairperson's Page 10.5005/pid-4-4-v Dear Fellow IDians It is time to bid Adieu. But I will always be in the service of the chapter. I am very contended and satisfied that I was able to provide some contribution to this august body. The following are highlights of the programs conducted during the year: • ID Grand rounds, bimonthly online sessions, wherein difficult cases/interesting cases were discussed by National and international faculties. Had good viewership upto 750 members per session.
more » ... he cases and discussions were compiled in the form of a book and published during NCPID.
doi:10.5005/pid-4-4-v fatcat:4b23ywlc75doteqvzu6r3r546y