The Russian Monument at San Stefano

1899 Scientific American  
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more » ... approach to complete reversion has hitherto identical in color, size, and form with the Indian wild a vault therein lie the bones of Russian soldiers who, been obtained by crossing pigeons_ Darwin, by cross-roek pigeon, 'l'he only eRsential difference is in the during the war of 1877-1878, were interred on Turkish ing a barb-fantail with a barb-spot, produced a bird tail, for though there are twelve feathers (in the fan-battlefields. It has taken years to exhume and collect MUNUMENT ERECTED '1'0 THE MEMORY OF RUSSIAN SOLDIERS WHO FELL IN 'l'HE WAR O:F' 1878.
doi:10.1038/scientificamerican03181899-19415asupp fatcat:xksnhfdbwfam5gy7pwbeypmnsa