Breastfeeding women under medication treatment Original Article

Viviane Muniz, Silva Fragoso, Elizabeth Domingues Da Silva, Josiane Monsores Mota
2014 Fortaleza   unpublished
Lactantes em tratamento medicamentoso da rede pública de saúde Lactantes en terapia medicamentosa de la red pública de salud ABSTRACT Objective: To analyse the medications used by breastfeeding women treated in the public health network, and correlated actions. Methods: Cross-sectional, quantitative and descriptive study carried out with 100 breastfeeding women, recruited through nonprobabilistic convenience sampling, at the Municipal Hospital of Duque de Caxias, RJ, in 2012. A questionnaire
more » ... applied containing the following variables: prescribed medications, unwanted effects in nursing infants, and professionals involved in guidance on the education. The data was analysed through descriptive statistics, based on absolute and relative frequencies. Results: It was found that 46% (n=46) of the breastfeeding women were aged 21 to 30 years, 54% (n=54) were primiparae, 52% (n=52) had complete fundamental level, and 72% (n=72) received prenatal care. It was verified that 78% (n=78) of the sample were receiving some type of medicine and, among these, a significant percentage of nonsteroidal analgesic/anti-inflammatory medication, with 61.54% (n=48) of the breastfeeding women. All the prescribed medicines were in the category of compatible use with breastfeeding. The incidence of some unwanted symptoms was evidenced in 19.2% (n=15) of the breastfeeding women. Among the women undergoing medication therapy, 76.92% (n=60) received guidance during treatment, 55% (n=33) by doctors and 45% (n=27) by nurses. In this research, 100% of the breastfeeding women were satisfied with the acquired knowledge. Conclusion: It was noted a high percentage of breastfeeding women in the sample taking medicines, all compatible with breastfeeding. It stands out the limited engagement of the multidisciplinary team in the orientations. Descriptors: Breast Feeding; Medication Treatment; Unified Health System.