Analysis of the cogging torque behavior of a two-phase axial flux permanent magnet synchronous machine

G. Barakat, T. El-meslouhi, B. Dakyo
2001 IEEE transactions on magnetics  
3] McKee, B.; Vecchio, R.D.; Condit, W.; Riemersma, H.; Kilgore, L. Experimental and analytical study of an Iron bar carrying axial flux and current with implications for Iron core homopolar generator design. Volume: 21, Issue: 5 , Sep 1985. Pages: 2123 -2131. [4] Eastham, J.F.; Profumo, F.; Tenconi, A.; Hill-Cottingham, R.; Coles, P.; Gianolio, G. NOVEL AXIAL FLUX MACHINE FOR AIRCRAFT DRIVE: DESIGN AND MODELLING.
doi:10.1109/20.951312 fatcat:dbndi6yjzbdg7m3oj2rkuwg7pq