Numerical investigation of initial condition effects on Rayleigh-Taylor instability with acceleration reversals

Denis Aslangil, Arindam Banerjee, Andrew G. W. Lawrie
2016 Physical review. E  
The influence of initial conditions on miscible incompressible baroclinically driven Rayleigh-Taylor instability undergoing non-uniform acceleration is explored computationally using an Implicit Large Eddy Simulation (ILES) technique. We consider the particular case of evolution during multiple reversals of acceleration direction, where the flow is alternately statically stable or unstable. In the unstable phase, the flow is driven by the baroclinic release of potential energy, whereas in the
more » ... y, whereas in the stable phase, work is done against the density stratification with the energy exchange taking place by wave-like mechanisms. These dynamics are fundamentally different; here, we track the evolution of volume-averaged turbulent statistics that are most sensitive to changes in the distribution of spectral power and bandwidth of the initial conditions as the flow alternates between dynamical regimes due to acceleration reversal.
doi:10.1103/physreve.94.053114 pmid:27967066 fatcat:qxh6nlyjnjhcpp3brmyacgypoy