Need Assessment of English for Specific Purposes in Teaching English Language at Higher Level in Peshawar, Pakistan

Nasrullah Khan
2016 unpublished
This article describes the results from a survey method research study that investigated the perceptions of participants within specific courses in the English language teaching field (ELT) in Pakistan. The study participants were students and teachers (trained and untrained) within government colleges for women. In total, 100 respondents were selected on the basis of simple random sampling. The ideas and views of the female students and teachers were solicited with regard to the importance of
more » ... the importance of specific courses in the ELT, and from these, a questionnaire was developed. Correlation was used for analyzing the data. The results revealed the need for specific training courses the teaching the English language. Introduction Language is the means through which we express our feelings and ideas and communicate with others in a systematic manner. According to Mooney (2010), there is a growing realization that the basis of knowledge in linguistics is found in the speech language as it is used by the members of a social order in their daily life. Language is the vehicle of communication which is employed to argue with families, joke with friends, and also deceive enemies. Language not only distinguishes humans from all other beings but also is a key to progress in various fields, and it plays a vital role in the progress and growth of any nation.