Laryngopharyngeal and Esophageal Foreign Bodies in 75 Dogs

Yukari KITANO, Daisaku SAKAMAKI, Yoshihiro KOHZU
Journal of Animal Clinical Medicine  
Medical records of ₇₅ dogs diagnosed as laryngopharyngeal or esophageal foreign bodies were reviewed from the viewpoints of dog breeds, sex, body weight, age, diagnostic methods, foreign material, location of obstructions, treatments and complications. As previously reported, foreign bodies in the pharynx, larynx or esophagus are most frequently seen among small dog breeds and properly treated using endoscopes. However, we observed that vegetables and fruits are more common and the rate of
more » ... e complications is lower, contrary to the previous reports.
doi:10.11252/dobutsurinshoigaku.28.135 fatcat:mtpqtzcmwngolfzlp4ykltk364