Operative surgery. By J. Shelton Horsley, M.D., F.A.C.S., Attending Surgeon, St. Elizabeth's Hospital, Richmond, Va. Large 8vo. Pp. 721, with 613 illustrations. 1921. London: Henry Kimpton. 52s. 6d. net

1922 British Journal of Surgery  
Hospital, Richmond, Va. Large 8vo. Pp. 721, with 613 illustrations. 1921. London: Henry Kimpton. 52s. (id. net. IN the opening sentence of the preface, the author states that particular stress has been laid upon the preservation of physiological function and the interpretation of the biological processes that follow surgical operations, and he has succeeded in keeping this object to the fore. Throughout the work it is apparent that a sound knowledge of general principles underlies the methods
more » ... rlies the methods described and the application of technical details. The earlier chapters on biological principles and surgical drainage are original and stimulating, and form a very good introduction to operative surgery. The author does not claim to have included all surgical operations, but only those which he has himself found to be best suited to the indications for interference. In a book of this size, it is doubtless difficult to apportion space with due regard to the relativc importance of the various subjects; but we think that for a general text-book some relatively imporhnt operations are not fully dealt with. For instance, plastic surgery is discussed very exhaustively, whereas to the surgery of the thyroid gland, a much more important subject to the general surgeon, is allotted only four pages. No doubt the section on plastic surgery is good ; the descriptions are supported by many illustrations, and in some cases by photographs of the author's own patients, both before operation and when sufficient time has elapsed to show the final results. The chapters on the surgery of the blood-vessels are very complete, and contain a good account of the author's method of blood-vessel suture, while only a reasonable amount of space is given to the ligature of vessels in continuity.
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