3P2−3F2pairing in neutron matter with modern nucleon-nucleon potentials

M. Baldo, Ø. Elgarøy, L. Engvik, M. Hjorth-Jensen, H.-J. Schulze
1998 Physical Review C  
We present results for the ^3P_2 - ^3F_2 pairing gap in neutron matter with several realistic nucleon-nucleon potentials, in particular with recent, phase-shift equivalent potentials. We find that their predictions for the gap cannot be trusted at densities above ρ≈ 1.7ρ_0, where ρ_0 is the saturation density for symmetric nuclear matter. In order to make predictions above that density, potential models which fit the nucleon-nucleon phase shifts up to about 1 GeV are required.
doi:10.1103/physrevc.58.1921 fatcat:oc5cmfukorgmlpme5husracaf4