Increasing of Reliability of FPGA Implemented Microcontroller Using the Error Self Correcting Techniques

Branislav Dobrucky, Peter Sindler, Jozef Cuntala, Anna Kondelova
2015 Journal of Communication and Computer  
The paper deals with the concept of extension of self-error corrected approach to the microcontroller structure. The goal is to increase the reliability of the entire microcontroller system implemented in FPGA (field programmable gate array) platform. In such systems of increased reliability, memories with parity-bit or ECC (error-correcting code) memory are used. The paper is focused on safety increasing of the ALU (arithmetic and logic unit), its registers for address and code instruction
more » ... ode instruction decoding. By similar way reliability of data transfer unit, interfacing units and further peripheral devices implemented in FPGA can be increased. Tiny program for simulation of single-and double-fault in instruction register, also demonstration of transfer data error and simulation of control unit using Xilinx ISE Design Suite are given in the paper.
doi:10.17265/1548-7709/2015.05.001 fatcat:fe65fuigyfemli3v2qghjaz5mq