Study of the Influence of Recycled Aggregate (Class-I Brick Bats) and Corrugated Steel Fibers in Self Compacting Concrete Beams

Mr Manimaran, Mr Suresh Raja
2015 unpublished
This study presents the performance of Self compacting concrete (SCC). Ordinary Portland cement was replaced with fly ash(FA), and coarse aggregate(CA) was partially replaced with class I bricks (BB). In addition to this steel fibers (SF) were added in proper proportion. Suitable dosage of super plasticizers and viscosity modifying agents were also added for achieving increased workability and to maintain a low w/p ratio. By conducting fresh and hardened tests on the specimens an attempt has
more » ... n made to study the workability, compressive strength, split tensile strength, flexural strength and shrinkage characteristics of SCC. Though the replacement of CA with BB showed a considerable decrease in the strength when compared to the control specimen (CA), the addition of steel fibers increased the same. But there was no major decrease in the split tensile strength and flexural strength. The addition of steel fibres had minimal influence on the workability of SCC. The test results reveal that the BB along with steel fibers could be effectively used in SCC which may be applied for instances which require normal strength of the order of 20N/mm 2 .Also usage of BB in SCC can serve as an effective way of disposal of construction wastes from building construction and demolition.