Sraffa and Leontief Revisited. Mathematical Methods and Models of a Circular Economy (Book Presentation)

J.-F. Emmenegger, University of Fribourg, D. Chable, H. A. Nour Eldin, H. Knolle, Nestlé, University of Wuppertal, University of Bern, University of Bern
2019 Matematične ta komp'ûterne modelûvannâ. Serіâ: Fіziko-matematičnі nauki  
Weighted pseudoinverse matrices with singular weights and their expansions into matrix power series and matrix power products are obtained based on weighted singular-valued decomposition of matrices with singular weights. Boundary representations of weighted pseudoinverse matrices with singular weights are obtained. Regularization methods for the calculation of weighted normal pseudosolutions with singular weights are constructed and investigated. The main purpose of the present book is to
more » ... ent book is to reveal, elucidate and illustrate the mathematical background of Sraffa's theory didactically in detail with the means of modern matrix algebra and the corresponding fundamental theorems. Our book is also a contribution to the increasing call for alternative approaches to the understanding of the realities of today economic activity.
doi:10.32626/2308-5878.2019-19.17-21 fatcat:xv5pchdzc5hh3lbt6mteiipyq4