N-Substituted amino acids as anticorrosion additives. Part III: N-Acyl amino acids

2016 International Journal of Corrosion and Scale Inhibition  
N-Acylated natural amino acids under neutral conditions were in the focus of corrosion experiments. The influence of the α-side chain in the amino acids as well as the alkyl/aryl part of the acyl moiety on the anticorrosion activity was determined by gravimetric test and visualized by atomic force microscopy. The pH-dependence of the inhibitive character allowed the evaluation of the acidic and alkaline conditions on the corrosion inhibition. The analysis of the efficiencies gave information
more » ... gave information about the importance of the hydrophobic chains either in the amino acid or in the acyl part and of the other functional groups (carboxyl, chloro substituent). On the basis of these numerous efficacy data one can predict in advance the anticorrosion activity of other acylated amino acids. Key words: N-acylated amino acids, anticorrosion activity, pH-dependence, importance of the hydrophobic side chains, influence of other functional groups.
doi:10.17675/2305-6894-2016-5-3-6 fatcat:plisdq5sjvh5fnttull7oxw3we