Content Protection and Tracking for Digital Rights Management in Digital Libraries

Jenq-Haur Wang
2007 Journal of Library and Information Science   unpublished
Keywords(關鍵詞) :內容保護(Content Protection) ;內容追蹤(Content Tracking);數位圖書館 4 -16 5 infringements on the Internet, and combines the strengths of static rights enforcement and dynamic illegal content tracking. First, we introduce a wrapper-based approach to digital rights enforcement for content protection that integrates digital watermarking, cryptography, information protection technology, and a rights model. Also, we present a content tracking mechanism for multimedia-content near-replica detection
more » ... as the second line of defense. In the rights enforcement environment, the behavior of all content players is monitored and digital content can only be accessed after certain usage rules have been satisfied. Furthermore, the proposed architecture can be easily integrated into any digital content player, or even existing DRM systems in digital libraries. With the protection of the proposed framework, the abuse of digital content can be drastically reduced. Our experiments demonstrate the efficacy of proposed framework and the accuracy of copy detection.