Urinary electrolytes, body weight, and blood pressure. Pooled cross-sectional results among four groups of adolescent females

R L Watson, H G Langford, J Abernethy, T Y Barnes, M J Watson
1980 Hypertension  
Results of blood pressure (BP) and urinary electrolyte excretion studies are reported among several groups of adolescent and young adult females, both black and white, who were Initially examined in high school and restudied at home 3-4 years later. Pooling of the data from the sereral cross-cectional studies (n = 662) rerealed a weak but statistically significant positive correlation between systolic blood pressure (SBP) and the urinary sodium (Na) excretion rate. Three of four correlations
more » ... our correlations between SBP and potassium (K) were of an inverse nature. Although not statistically significant in their own right, when coupled with the Na/K excretion ratio, which was significantly associated with SBP, a moderating role for K b suggested. The urinary Na, K, and creatinine (Cr) excretion rates were highly intercorrelated and were correlated with weight. As measured by R 1 in a stepwise regression analysis, weight contributed approximately 3% to the BP variance, and the urinary electrolytes accounted for approximately 2% of the SBP variance. Statistically significant partial correlation coefficients between SBP and Na, and Na/K, remained after adjusting for body weight. (Hypertension 2 (suppl I): I-93-I-98, 1980) KEYWOKDS • blood pressure • weight • urinary excretion • creatinine urea • sodium • potassium • black • white • females
doi:10.1161/01.hyp.2.4_pt_2.i93 fatcat:djxdh6q4c5hwrpe3ytyiuq6p6u