Genome-wide analysis of interferon regulatory factor I binding in primary human monocytes

Lihua Shi, Juan C. Perin, Jeremy Leipzig, Zhe Zhang, Kathleen E. Sullivan
2011 Gene  
IRF1 is a transcription factor that participates in interferon signaling. Previous studies of IRF1 binding have utilized in vitro assays. We used ChIP-seq in human monocytes to better define the recognition motif for IRF1. The newly identified 18bp motif (RAAASNGAAAGTGAAASY) is a refinement of the 13bp IRF1 motif commonly used. We utilized the 18bp consensus motif and identified 345 potential target genes. To compare the 18bp motif with the 13bp motif, we compared putative gene targets. Only 56
more » ... potential gene targets were defined by both consensus motifs. To compare biological effects of interferon on the 13bp and the 18bp consensus targets, we mined expression data from cells exposed to interferons or transfected with IRF1. In all cases, the 18bp consensus motif was more strongly associated with transcriptional responses than the 13bp motif. Therefore, the new 18bp consensus motif appears to have a greater association with biological activities of IRF1.
doi:10.1016/j.gene.2011.07.004 pmid:21803131 pmcid:PMC3167955 fatcat:nmjyte6csjauhg5tnr33ervruq