A Novel Signature of 23 Immunity-related Gene Pairs is Prognostic of Cutaneous Melanoma [post]

Yanan Xue, Yinan Xue, Zhengcai Wang, Yongzhen Mo, Pinyan Wang, Weiqiang Tan
2020 unpublished
Background: We aimed to identify immune-related signature for predicting cutaneous melanoma (CM) prognosis. Methods: We used TCGA samples (n=471) to develop the best 23 Immune related gene pairs (23-IRGP) prognostic signature and divided patients into high- and low-immune risk group in TCGA dataset and validation datasets: GSE65904 (n=214), GSE59455 (n=141), and GSE22153 (n=79). Results: 23-IRGP presented precise ability in cutaneous melanoma (CM) which high-risk groups showed poor prognosis
more » ... d poor prognosis and indicated significant predict power in immune micro-environment and biological analysis as well. Conclusions: we established a novel promising prognostic model in CM and built the bridge between immune micro-environment and CM patient results. This approach can be applied to discover the signatures in other diseases without technical bias from different platforms.
doi:10.21203/rs.3.rs-38060/v1 fatcat:f7mjjbbjsbdfzlbfrceq4y35gm