Chemical Compositions, Spring 2003 [article]

Department Of Chemistry
ow that I have gotten your attention, let me assure you that there is nothing to be alarmed about. This "explosion" has nothing to do with pyrotechnics, but simply refers to the rapid increase of Internet use and information flow throughout Welch Hall. Jim Holcombe suggested that I describe how things have changed regarding Information Technology within our department. I feel too young to write a "reminiscences" article, but one does not have to be too senior a colleague to realize that a
more » ... tion, or at least a rapid evolution, has transformed the way we carry out our teaching, research and administrative functions within the department, at least in terms of information flow. In 1995 when I became chair of the department, I was surprised to discover that I did not have e-mail capability from the chairman's office. When I wanted to send an e-mail to someone, I had to walk back upstairs to my faculty office to send the email. At that time the building had "Welch Net" -a couple of bridged Ethernet cables weaving their way through parts of Welch Hall in an attempt to connect the theorists, crystallographers and other heavy computer users to the "main frame" and the outside world. The "net" would go down frequently, often when some faculty member would attempt to attach their own vampire bite on the cable and attach the connections too close together -not so good.
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