The Effect of Incorporating Industrial Wastewater on Durability and Long Term Strength of Concrete [post]

Ehsan Nasseralshariati, Danial Mohammadzadeh, Nader Karballaeezadeh, Amir Mosavi
2021 unpublished
Concrete, as one of the essential construction materials is responsible for a vast amount of emissions. Using recycled materials and gray water can considerably contribute to the sustaina-bility aspect of concrete production. Thus, finding a proper replacement for fresh water, in the production of concrete, is significant. The usage of industrial wastewater, instead of water in the concrete can be considered in this paper. In this study, 450 concrete samples are produced with different amounts
more » ... different amounts of wastewater. The mechanical parameters such as slump, compressive strength, water absorption, tensile strength, electrical resistivity, rapid freezing, half-cell potential, and appearance are investigated. The results showed that the usage of industrial wastewater does not significantly change the main characteristics of concrete. Although, increasing the concentration of the wastewater can decrease durability and strength features nonlinearly.
doi:10.31219/ fatcat:jza2xohz5ngs3bl2tw3nta234y