Tüketici Yenilikçiliğinin Akıllı Saat Kullanmaya Devam Etme Niyeti Üzerindeki Etkisinde Hedonik ve Faydacı Değerin Aracı Rolü

Bülent YILDIZ, Dilber Nilay KÜTAHYALI
2021 Alanya Akademik Bakış  
As in every field, innovation is inevitable in the field of technology, which is perhaps one of the areas where innovation is experienced the most. Another sector that has its share of this technological change is the smart watch. Smart watch usage is increasingly common. In this context, in this study, the effect of the innovativeness features of consumers using smart watches on the intention to continue using smart watches was investigated. In addition, the mediating role of hedonic and
more » ... arian value in this effect has been investigated. For this purpose, structural equation model and process macro analysis were carried out. As a result of the analysis, it has been determined that consumer innovativeness significantly affects hedonic and utilitarian value. It was found that hedonic and utilitarian values also significantly affect the intention to continue using the smart watch. As a result of the mediation test, it was determined that hedonic and utilitarian value have a strong intermediary effect on the effect of consumer innovativeness on the intention to continue using smart watches. Analysis findings show that consumer innovativeness has no direct effect on intention to use. This intention is realized through strong hedonic and utilitarian value perception.
doi:10.29023/alanyaakademik.870648 fatcat:ydhjncszhng6hb4ne7jipknere