Special Acknowledgements

1986 Forestry Chronicle  
For initiating and structuring the project, co-authoring the initial sets of questions and invitations, rewiewing and selecting the articles. (1) The interviews involved a list of interview topics that were followed in the each interview. However, the interviewees were freely allowed to talk about the topics that they considered important themselves. Proximity gaming, i.e. close-range wireless network gaming, is coming fast and hard with new devices such as mobile phones, the Sony PSP, and the
more » ... intendo DS. This opens up new gaming possibilities, and the combination of proximity gaming and mobility is particularly exciting. Imagine the kind of ad hoc multiplayer games where people suddenly enter each other's games simply because they're in range. This article discusses proximity gaming from a game design perspective, including new types of network games, pseudo-persistent game worlds, and electronic rumors. The technology will just be mentioned briefly, societal and privacy issues will get little or no attention. Abstract ---This articled presents a way in which mobile gamers may access the cellular communication system in the future. Cooperation among terminals is advocated here in contrast to the existing communication method, where the base station communicates with dedicated communication links to the end terminals. By using the inbuilt short range communication with high data rates, terminals form cooperation clusters. In addition to that each terminal uses the cellular communication link with low data rates to form high virtual data rates for the cluster. Furthermore, the cooperative access yields reduced energy consumption per terminal and reduced costs for the customer. The forming process of the cooperative cluster is motivated by technical as well as social reasons.
doi:10.5558/tfc62299-4 fatcat:klk6pzomnrdrvachjneyvb6cku