Equipos de Trabajo Virtuales & Confianza La confianza en el contexto de los equipos de trabajo virtuales (Trust in virtual work teams context)

Enrique García, Guardado, Joel Mendoza Gómez
Innovaciones de Negocios 12(23): 075-095 Abstract: This empiric research has virtual work teams as the object of study with their relation with trust as dependent variable to obtain an effective work of individuals who form the team. It has, as independent variables three factors that are thought appropriate for building trust: web conferencing, timely information, and cultural diversity. It is an exploratory and descriptive work with mixed focus. There were established four descriptive
more » ... descriptive hypothesis that, search the communication level, the existence of timely information and the identification of cultural diversity within virtual work teams. This work verified the existence of trust in virtual work teams, proved that the independent variables generate it, and the established hypothesis are correct. It was designed an original instrument for its application to a population of 23 students of a master degree virtual educative program in a private university of Monterrey, Nuevo León. On the instrument questions related to trust and the three appropriate factors for trust building were included. Future researches are possible; even so, this work includes theoretical and practical contributions. It contains innovation in its literature and functionality to the organizational world by helping to understand the new configurations of work done by human resources, their perfection in methods, and working habits in a global environment of geographical and temporal separation Palabras clave: confianza, equipos de trabajo virtuales, efectividad del equipo, JEL: D23 & O15 Resumen. La presente investigación empírica, tiene como objeto de estudio los equipos de trabajo virtuales y su relación con la confianza como variable dependiente para el funcionamiento efectivo de los individuos de quienes lo conforman. Se tiene como variables independientes tres factores que se piensa son idóneos para generar confianza: conferencia web, información oportuna y diversidad cultural. Es un trabajo del tipo exploratorio y