Using A Novel Continuous Bioreactor In Enhancing The Biogas Production [post]

Mohammad Amui Khorshidi, Hossein Beiki, Mojtaba Kanvisi
2021 unpublished
Background: Since fossil fuels are limited and their burning is considered the main reason for environmental pollution, thinkers in the energy section are looking for a substitute for them. They have considered biogas as a potent replacement. Constant composition and volumetric rate, are ones of the challenges faced in term of using biogas. Therefore, in this study, a novel easily portable continuous bioreactor was designed and constructed to produce biogas at constant composition and
more » ... ition and volumetric rate, which is suitable for human uses. Sugar beet waste and anaerobic sludge were used as substrate and inoculum with an S/I ratio of 0.5 to 1, to produce biogas. Four parameters, i.e., hydraulic retention time (HRT), pH, biogas volume, and methane composition, were measured and compared.Results: The results of the mentioned reactor were compared with those of batch ones. The measurement revealed that the continuous reactor had a good performance on biogas purity and volumetric rate. The biogas contained about 53% methane. The suitable and preferable HRT and organic loading rate (OLR) were 18 days and 34.86 g VS/day. After the 18th day of operation, the biogas production process inside the continuous reactor was stable reaching about 411.2 ml STD/g VS per day.Conclusions: The reactor designed makes the biogas production process more manageable. Besides the production of the cumulative volume of biogas and constant methane percentage was achieved. As a result, the biogas produced is consumed daily, and a certain amount of gas is available every day. Since the percentage of gas produced is constant, it is possible to adjust the gas appliances with this amount of methane.
doi:10.21203/ fatcat:l3unvl2kijdjtpnutemm534uri