Tunable energy filtering of ballistic electrons in graphene

A Zubarev, D Dragoman
2012 Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics  
Characterizing distinct electron wave packets is a basic task for solid-state electron quantum optics with applications in quantum metrology and sensing. A important circuit element for this task is a non-stationary potential barrier that enables backscattering of chiral particles depending on their energy and time of arrival. Here we solve the quantum mechanical problem of single-particle scattering by a ballistic constriction in an fully depleted quantum Hall system under spatially uniform
more » ... patially uniform but time-dependent electrostatic potential modulation. The result describes electrons distributed in time-energy space according to a modified Wigner quasiprobability distribution and scattered with an energy-dependent transmission probability that characterizes constriction in the absence of modulation. Modification of the incoming Wigner distribution due to external time-dependent potential simplifies in case of linear time-dependence and admits semiclassical interpretation. Our results support a recently proposed and implemented method for measuring time and energy distribution of solitary electrons as a quantum tomography technique, and offer new paths for experimental exploration of on-demand sources of coherent electrons.
doi:10.1088/0022-3727/45/7/075301 fatcat:xpsa3hdxpfcjtlq4ye4wqashqq