Analysis on the Acoustical Characteristics for Arrounding of Bridge by Absortion Panel Attatchment
흡음 외장재 부착에 따른 교량 주변 음향 특성 해석

You Yub Lee
2014 Journal of the Korea Safety Management and Science  
For the purpose of finding out the acoustical characteristics of exterior materials in bridge, analytical studies are performed with boundary elements method by using the commercial program SYSNOISE. Before analysis, to figure out material property, it was conducted experiments of absorption coefficient for absorptive material. And prediction of pressure were conducted I GIRDER type (before & after installation of absorption panel ) and BOX GIRDER type (before & after installation of absorption
more » ... ation of absorption panel) The results show that when the absorption panel is installed, environment around bridge can help reduce traffic noise. It was proved to be the effective noise reduction counter-plan for a traffic noise in the bridges.
doi:10.12812/ksms.2014.16.4.391 fatcat:yhpk5rquobduxf52nlielbul2u