Wireless Data Transmission Between Pc's Using Zigbee Technology

Shiva Akkula, Tarik Taeib
2015 Journal of Multidisciplinary Engineering Science and Technology (JMEST)   unpublished
The role of communication in day to day life is very important .Communication can be of two types which are wireless or wired. Basically wireless communication is mostly preferred over wired .But sometimes we need a secured wireless communication in case of industries, companies etc. This paper helps in enabling the user for transmitting data wirelessly through ZigBee with encrypting data to provide security. In the paper it consists of two sections they are transmitter and receiver .The data
more » ... eceiver .The data can be sent to microcontroller through pc by using software called hyper terminal, this software is used for serial communication. The microcontroller after receiving the data it forwards the data to the zigBee transmitter which is connected to the microcontroller. The data is encrypted and then transmitted to receiver. ZigBee transceiver does data transmission. Encryption does conversion of plain text to cipher text. Original data is Plain text whereas the modified data by using operations so that only authorized person can decode is called as Cipher text. Decryption does conversion of Cipher text to Plain text. The received data is decrypted and is displayed on pc which requires some password to open the data. So by this the data cannot be hacked and is secured.