Effects of moderate exercise and oat β-glucan on lung tumor metastases and macrophage antitumor cytotoxicity

E. A. Murphy, J. M. Davis, A. S. Brown, M. D. Carmichael, E. P. Mayer, A. Ghaffar
2004 Journal of applied physiology  
Effects of moderate exercise and oat ␤-glucan on lung tumor metastases and macrophage antitumor cytotoxicity. Both moderate exercise and the soluble fiber ␤-glucan can have beneficial effects on the initiation and growth of tumors, but the data are limited, and there is no information on their combined effects. This study tested the independent and combined effects of short-term moderate-exercise training and the soluble oat fiber ␤-glucan (O␤G) on the metatastic spread of injected tumor cells
more » ... nd macrophage antitumor cytotoxicity. Male C57BL/6 mice were assigned to one of four groups: exercise (Ex)-H2O, Ex-O␤G, control (Con)-H2O, or Con-O␤G. O␤G was fed in the drinking water for 10 days before tumor administration and death. Exercise consisted of treadmill running (1 h/day) for 6 days. After rest or exercise on the last day of training, syngeneic B16 melanoma cells (2 ϫ 10 5 ) were administered via intravenous injection (n ϭ 8 -11 per group). Lungs were removed 14 days later, and tumor foci were counted. Additional mice (n ϭ 8 per group) were killed, and peritoneal macrophages were assayed for cytotoxicity against the same mouse tumor cell line at various effector-to-target ratios. Both moderate exercise and O␤G decreased lung tumor foci and increased macrophage cytotoxicity. However, there were no differences in lung tumor foci and macrophage cytotoxicity between Ex-O␤G and either Ex-H2O or Con-O␤G. These data suggest that, although not additive in their effects, both short-term moderate-exercise training and consumption of the soluble O␤G can decrease the metatastic spread of injected B16 melanoma cells, and these effects may be mediated in part by an increase in macrophage cytotoxicity to B16 melanoma.
doi:10.1152/japplphysiol.00252.2004 pmid:15145923 fatcat:k47e5umphrcapk5kgwcju37pgq