Measuring flow of an artesian well

1906 Journal of the Franklin Institute  
August, I9o6.] Notes and Comments--Book Notices. 159 CHILEAN NITRATE DEPOSITS. According to recent publications by Semper and Michels (Berlin, Ernst, 19o4), the various theories hitherto proposed to explain the formation of the Chilean saltpeter deposits (microbes, varech, guanos, etc.) must give way to those formulated by the saliteros, or Chilean miners, who ascribe the formation of saltpeter to atmospheric electricity. There is a remarkable amount of mist surcharged with electricity in the
more » ... mpas, where the saltpeter is mined, so much so that telephones are deranged. Apparently the oxonized air disengages nitrate of ammonia, which combines with rock salt to form saltpeter. But as the region is rich in guanos and other organic deposits, says the Mining Journal, there might be reason to blend this theory with that of Ochsenius. --Eng. and Min. Jour.
doi:10.1016/s0016-0032(06)90312-3 fatcat:w6vfxkyqerablaagsfn5byy4km