When Designers Ask, "What If?"

E. Scott Denison
2012 World Future Review  
Combining the conventions of narrative storytelling with design prototyping is an emerging area of study. The practice is known as design fiction, and the resulting stories, create compelling speculations of near and distant futures made more believable, and therefore more provocative, through realistic prototypes. These scenarios can bring cultural legibility to representations of the future and thereby provoke discussion and debate, challenge conventional thinking, and encourage individual
more » ... esight and participation into the implications of today's decision-making. With the expanding definition of design beyond the archetypal products, spaces, or communications into things such as service design and strategic thinking, design fiction presents itself as a promising form of design research, in a construct with different rules and possibilities, to experiment with the impact of technology and design on society, government, culture, and individuals.
doi:10.1177/194675671200400207 fatcat:q2cflwvbwrb63cov24mnjadjne