Achieve better performance with PEAK on XSEDE resources

Bilel Hadri, Haihang You, Shirley Moore
2012 Proceedings of the 1st Conference of the Extreme Science and Engineering Discovery Environment on Bridging from the eXtreme to the campus and beyond - XSEDE '12  
Motivations  FACTS -ALTD ( Automatic Tracking Library Database ) ref Fahey, Jones, Hadri, CUG 2010  Numerical libraries are one of the most used packages  LAPACK library is linked with different package -Craypat, Amber, nwchem, Cactus, Abinit, Chromo and qdp -Kraken supports optimized version of LibSci ( Cray ), ACML ( AMD) and MKL ( Intel) with different compilers ( PGI, GNU, Intel, Cray ) -Architecture-optimized versions of libraries is not always used on Kraken by the users.  GOAL -Study
more » ... Choosing an appropriate library for a given application is essential for achieving good performance. -Design a framework to help researchers to determine the choice of library for better performance of their applications.
doi:10.1145/2335755.2335801 fatcat:3b6vsz4kqrhxxnw6kieerkqitq