Comfortable and usable locomotion techniques in virtual reality [article]

Bhuvaneswari Sarupuri, University Of Canterbury
Locomotion in Virtual reality (VR) is still an open problem with half solutions. A broadly applicable locomotion technique that is easy to use and addresses the issues of comfort and usability has yet to be developed. In this dissertation, we introduce Multi-Travel mode that gives users choice to switch between different locomotion techniques based on the Virtual Environment, task and personal preference. This dissertation addresses the thesis: Users prefer Multi-Travel mode to a single travel
more » ... ode based on user's tasks and goals in complex VEs. An ideal locomotion technique optimizes the user's performance, comfort and user experience. Keeping the characteristics of an ideal locomotion technique as context, we developed TriggerWalking; a Bio-mechanically inspired locomotion user interface for efficient, realistic virtual walking. In the evaluation, TriggerWalking had better usability and comfort compared to other commonly used Teleportation and Joystick locomotion techniques. However, TriggerWalking is suitable for small-scale or medium-scale environments. We speculate that it is not suitable for large-scale environments since it might induce finger fatigue after prolonged use due to trigger-press for each step. Since TriggerWalking uses both the controllers, it is not suitable for tasks that involve the need for interaction using controllers. A single locomotion is not suitable to be used in environments of different sizes and various travel tasks. Hence, we introduced the concept of Multi-Travel mode(M-Travel mode) that has a suite of locomotion techniques to travel in a complex VE and accomplish several travel tasks. The locomotion techniques included in the M-Travel mode are chosen based on the size of the environment and the travel tasks. To enable systematic evaluation of locomotion techniques suitable for a particular VE and travel tasks, we developed a Locomotion Usability Test Environment (LUTE) that accommodates short-, medium- and long-distance travel tasks. We implemented two versions of M-Travel mod [...]
doi:10.26021/932 fatcat:ubwmhb2o65bsfbzre4u7kitcye