Zeeman effect in the second and third spectra of xenon

C.J. Humphreys, W.F. Meggers, T.L. deBruin
1939 Journal of research of the National Bureau of Standards  
The Zeeman effect in the spectra of singly and doubly ionized xenon has been observed in the laboratory "Physica" in Amsterdam and at the National Bureau of Standards. The source used in the case of the former observations was a Back lamp consisting of a spark between metal electrodes operated in an atmosphere of the gas, whereas at the National Bureau of Standards a Geissler tube placed transversely between the poles of the magnet was employed. Measurable patterns were obtained for 130 lines
more » ... Xe II and 62 of Xe III. Reasonably good agreement between the observations from the two laboratories was obtained. Analysis of observed patterns has permitted computation of 61 g values associated with levels of Xe II and 34 of Xe III. Most of the patterns are only partially resolved. Use of the formulas of Shellstone and Blair to set up observation equations which were adjusted by the method of least squares has permitted calculation of a fairly consistent set of g values. The g-sum rule was tested where possible and was found to be satisfied very closely in case of two different electron configurations in Xe+. Observed g values depart considerably from those calculated by the Lande formula in most instances. A vector coupling scheme intermediate between LS and Jj is indicated for both Xe+ and Xe++. The analysis of Xe II has not required important changes as a result of the Zeeman-effect observations. No changes of J values are indicated. In two instances, pairs of levels are interchanged in the term tables. In Xe III, the revisions are confined mostly to the group of levels of ~D parentage from the S2p3·6p configuration. Changes in the assignment of J values are required in five instances. CONTENTS Page [-[umphrey., ] MtggtT8, deBm;n Zeeman Effect in Xe II and Xe III HumphreV8, ] Megger3, deBruin Zeeman Effect in Xe II and Xe III
doi:10.6028/jres.023.047 fatcat:ckkmym3owbecte272fkbgnn3bu