The Impact of Selected Environmental Severity Factors on Paint Scribe Creep, Polymer Degradation and Corrosion of Epoxy Coated 1018 Steel [thesis]

Merrill Tayler
The discrepancy between lab accelerated life tests (LALTs) and field exposures of organically coated aerospace alloys subjected to corrosion is a well-known problem. For example, some Mg-based chromate-free primers for AA2024-T351 perform well in field corrosion testing but perform poorly in LALTs such as the ASTM B-117. Conversely, some primer coatings on metals have been found to perform well from a corrosion standpoint in LALTs but poorly in the field. Currently, it is not well understood
more » ... ther various differences in environmental severity factors (ESFs), such as chloride and UV, cause such discrepancies. A lack of understanding of how ESFs affect the coating/substrate system is a consequence of previous studies' reliance on low fidelity interrogation methods, such as visual inspection and coating gloss measurements, which do not adequately capture the The first paragraph goes to my adviser, John Scully, for all of his help and support. He always pushed me a little farther than I thought I could go which expanded both my abilities and my confidence. His willingness to let me take the work in my own direction when I thought it best allowed me to grow as a researcher.
doi:10.18130/v3bj9b fatcat:ber53v7uevcatjnmhavbmwx3oi