A New Motor

1854 Scientific American  
has applied for a patent on a new and useful rotary ma chine , for drying and tentering cloth_ The lIa ure of this invention consists in Gt, (tchin!; the cloth on two epiral series of tcnter hooks at tached to the faces of two wheels or open discs, which are placed upon the same shaft, and reo ceive a rotary motion. The piece of cloth be ing stretched between these two series of hooks is made to assume a convolute form, but a suf ficient space is left between the volutions for the free
more » ... on of air, which is drawn in through the open discs at the sides when re volved, while the moisture is thrown off at the circumference. �'he revolution of the cloth on this spiral wheel, and the rapid circulation of air between the volutions of cloth soon expels all the moisture. A central drum OIl the shaft to contain hot ail' or steam, al30 aids in drying the cloth rapidly, as the currents of air which are driving through the cloth, ail e thus heated.
doi:10.1038/scientificamerican04151854-244g fatcat:bllbh5lpsrhebprdygi237ysai