Story Link Detection In Turkish Corpus

Güven Köse, Yaşar Tonta, Hamid Ahmadlouei
2013 Zenodo  
Story Link Detection (SLD) is known as a sub-task of Topic Detection and Tracking (TDT). SLD aims to specify whether two randomly selected stories discuss the same topic or not. This sub-task drew special attention within the TDT research community as many tasks in TDT are thought to be solved automatically once SLD performs as expected. In this study, performance tests were carried out on the BilCol-2005 Turkish news corpus composed of approximately 209,000 news items using vector space model
more » ... VSM) and relevance model (RM) methods with respect to varied index term counts. Accordingly, best results obtained were as follows: the VSM method performed best with 30 terms (F-measure=0.2970) while RM method did with 4 terms (F-measure=0.1910). Furthermore, the combination of two methods using the AND and OR functions increased the precision ratio by 7.9% and recall ratio by 1.2%, respectively, indicating that retrieval performance of SLD algorithms can be increased to some extent by employing both VSM and RM models.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.1147445 fatcat:aacaok3lrvep7da67vpmdexyui