Temperature in the throat

Dariush Kaviani, Amir Esmaeil Mosaffa
2016 Nuclear Physics B  
We study the temperature of extended objects in string theory. Rotating probe D-branes admit horizons and temperatures a la Unruh effect. We find that the induced metrics on slow rotating probe D1-branes in holographic string solutions including warped Calabi-Yau throats have distinct thermal horizons with characteristic Hawking temperatures even if there is no black hole in the bulk Calabi-Yau. Taking the UV/IR limits of the solution, we show that the world volume black hole nucleation depends
more » ... on the deformation and the warping of the throat. We find that world volume horizons and temperatures of expected features form not in the regular confining IR region but in the singular nonconfining UV solution. In the conformal limit of the UV, we find horizons and temperatures similar to those on rotating probes in the AdS throat found in the literature. In this case, we also find that activating a background gauge field form the U(1) R--symmetry modifies the induced metric with its temperature describing two different classes of black hole solutions.
doi:10.1016/j.nuclphysb.2016.07.022 fatcat:dh4stcyl3jc5tccern6xrigu4u