K-clique percolation in free association networks. The mechanism behind the 7 ± 2 law ? [article]

Olga Valba, Alexander Gorsky
2021 arXiv   pre-print
It is important to reveal the mechanisms of propagation in different cognitive networks. In this study we discuss the k-clique percolation phenomenon on the free association networks including "English Small World of Words project" (SWOW-EN). We compare different semantic networks and networks of free associations for different languages. Surprisingly it turned out that k-clique percolation for all k<k_c=(6-7) is possible on SWOW-EN and Dutch language network. Our analysis suggests the new
more » ... rsality patterns for a community organization of free association networks. We conjecture that our result can provide the qualitative explanation of the Miller's 7± 2 rule for the capacity limit of working memory. The new model of network evolution extending the preferential attachment is suggested which provides the observed value of k_c.
arXiv:2110.09317v1 fatcat:jc5htjai5fd3xjzbloqwljtsvq