Entertainment vs. Edutainment: Bollywood Movies as Pedagogical Tools

Divya Walia
International Research Journal of Engineering and Technology (IRJET)   unpublished
Film as a popular media can play a substantial role in influencing the masses by not just bringing them face to face with the realities of life but also by making an impact on their way of thinking. Besides entertaining the masses, films have a strong potential to transform the society by educating and instructing the masses. Indian cinema which is now a century old has recently undergone a change and is fast emerging as a delightful medium of instruction. Recently many films have been produced
more » ... have been produced that aimed at exploiting and utilizing creativity for educating the people. Films as the most popular media can directly influence the masses by making them see the world around them in an artistic way and think positively and act proactively. According to experts, theatrical movies or educational videos can complement the text, lectures, and discussions. The paper through examples drawn from the Bollywood movies, attempts to throw light on certain strategies that can be employed to make films an effective tool for classroom teaching.