Study on In Situ Synthesized Titanium Matrix Composites [chapter]

Di Zhang, Jun Qiang Lu, Wei Jie Lu, Ji Ning Qin
2007 Materials Science Forum  
Near-alpha based heat resistant titanium matrix composite reinforced with multi-dimensional reinforcements were synthesized by common casting and hot-forging technologies. Tensile properties at room and high temperatures, and creep behaviors were tested. Mechanical properties of composites were significantly enhanced by the reinforcements. Introduction High temperature titanium alloys serve as the structural materials for aero-applications because of their low density, high strength, high
more » ... s, corrosion resistance and so on. However, applications of titanium alloys in aero-industry are strongly limited by the temperature, most of the titanium alloys can only serve at the temperatures up to 600℃. For higher serving temperature of the titanium alloys, some alloying elements and ceramic reinforcements are added to improve the mechanical properties. Among the discontinuous reinforcements chosen in TMCs, TiB is considered the best due to its high strength, high thermal stability and similar thermal expansion coefficient to titanium [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] . Rare earth elements are proved to be useful, which effectively improve the mechanical properties and thermal stability of high temperature alloys [6] . Moreover, hybrid reinforced composites can be in-situ synthesized via reaction between titanium and various compounds easily. Systems like Ti-B 4 C, Ti-ReB 6 (Re stands for rare earth element) and Ti-B 4 C-ReB 6 have been widely studied, and the properties of the hybrid reinforced composites show considerable advantages over the singly reinforced ones [7] [8] [9] [10] . In the present study, TMCs based on a near-alpha high temperature titanium alloy are in-situ synthesized by common casting and hot-forging technologies. Mechanical properties of the matrix alloy and TMCs are tested. The effects of reinforcements are investigated in particular.
doi:10.4028/0-87849-462-6.751 fatcat:kqub6mjqn5e3fpftodwvl4g4c4