Multi-layer adaptive finite time super twisting control for quaternion-based quadrotor formation with obstacle avoidance

Guowei Zhang, Wei Shang, Guohao Jing, Tianlong Chen, Qihang Liang
2020 IEEE Access  
This paper investigates the trajectory tracking problem of quadrotor formation with collision avoiding. The safety distributed control strategy is introduced for quaternion-based multiple quadrotors formation to avoid collision. Then, based on super-twisting and adaptive control method, a multiple adaptive finite time super-twisting control method (MAFTSTC) is proposed, which rarely relies on the information of the formation model. The purpose of the robust controller designed in the position
more » ... d in the position loop and the attitude loop is to ensure that quadrotor formation tracks the desired trajectory and maintains formation configuration in finite time. The closed-loop system stability of the novel control method is verified through Lyapunov theory. Finally, compared with traditional finite time convergence (FTC) method and non-robustness control (NRC) method, the simulation results illustrate the effectiveness of the proposed control method.
doi:10.1109/access.2020.3040233 fatcat:qf3e4larurfvlanwug73inkghy