An N-protected depsipeptide free acid prepared by direct synthesis without using a terminal-C protecting group:tert-butoxycarbonyl-L-alanyl-L-leucyl-L-lactic acid (Boc-L-Ala-L-Leu-L-Lac-OH)

Hiroyuki Oku, Keiichi Yamada, Ryoichi Katakai
2004 Acta Crystallographica Section E  
Key indicators Single-crystal X-ray study T = 173 K Mean '(C±C) = 0.009 A Ê R factor = 0.068 wR factor = 0.156 Data-to-parameter ratio = 8.9 For details of how these key indicators were automatically derived from the article, see # 2004 International Union of Crystallography Printed in Great Britain ± all rights reserved Crystals of the title compound, C 17 H 30 N 2 O 7 , were successfully grown from ethyl acetate at room temperature. In the crystal structure, a free
more » ... carboxylic acid group is found at the terminal C atom. The free acid ÐOH group contributes to a hydrogenbond network, together with two NÐHÁ Á ÁO interactions, forming tight packing.
doi:10.1107/s1600536804010189 fatcat:x6wfzdwmfvbfdbkoeueaeyzx4y