Permalink Publication Date Dermatology Online Journal 22 (1): 8 Departments of Dermatology

Geeti Khullar, Tarun Narang, Dipankar De, Abhijit Chougule, Sanjeev Handa, Venereology, Leprology, Histopathology, Tarun Narang
2016 unpublished
Primary cutaneous plasmacytosis (PCP) is an uncommon reactive lymphoplasmacytic disorder of uncertain etiology. It has been mainly described in patients of Japanese descent, with only few reports in Caucasians and Chinese. We present a case of isolated benign PCP in a 45-year-old man, who clinically manifested with a localized ulcerated nodule overlying a hyperpigmented plaque on the upper back. To the best of our knowledge, PCP from India has not been described before.