Characterization of Monascus Metabolites Isolated from Red Yeast Rice (Monascus ruber-fermented rice) and Their Proliferation Inhibitory Effects against Cancer Cells

Qijun Wang, Changkeun Sung, Baojun Xu, Korea
2016 Human Journals Research Article September   unpublished
The objective of current study was to characterize the secondary metabolites from red yeast rice and explore their anticancer activities. Solvent fractionation methods combined with open column chromatographic method were performed to isolate the major compounds from red yeast rice. High-resolution mass spectrum and 13 C and 1 H-NMR spectral techniques were further applied to elucidate the chemical structures of the isolated compounds. The isolated compounds were subjected to cancer cell
more » ... cancer cell proliferation inhibition analyzed by MTT method. Four isolated compounds were identified as lactone-form monacolin K, monacolin L, apigenin, and rubropunctatin based on the spectral analyses. The red pigment, rubropunctatin, exhibited strong anticancer effects against both SNU-1 cells and SK-OV-3 cells at the concentration of 10 μg/mL, its anticancer activities were close to or higher than the positive drugs. The IC 50 values of monacolin L and rubropunctatin against cancer cells SNU-1 and SK-OV-3 were 9.8, 13.3, 28.9 and 8.2 μg/mL respectively.