Workload-Aware Placement Strategies to Leverage Disaggregated Resources in the Datacenter

Aaron Call, Jorda Polo, David Carrera
2021 IEEE Systems Journal  
Disaggregation of resources is a data center strategy that aims to decouple the physical location of resources from the place where they are accessed, as opposed to physically attached devices connected to the PCIe bus. By attaching and detaching resources through a fast interconnection network, it is possible to increase the flexibility to manage data center infrastructures while keeping the performance of the pooled and disaggregated devices. This paper introduces workload scheduling and
more » ... ment policies for environments with disaggregated memories. These policies are driven by accurate pre-built performance degradation models. We focus on the use of Non-Volatile Memory to store data and/or to provide memory extensions. Following a software-defined approach, persistent memories are combined to provide higher capacity and/or bandwidth devices, or used by multiple workloads to increase the number of running workloads. Different combinations of workloads and associated soft-deadlines are used to evaluate the placement policies using a system simulator. Using a first fit policy, results show a disaggregated system can reduce missed deadlines up to 49% when compared to a physically-attached system. When our proposed policy with workload-awareness is enabled in a disaggregated system, missed deadlines can be reduced up to 100% (no deadlines missed).
doi:10.1109/jsyst.2021.3090306 fatcat:2x7wthatwzfa7ohnde22mxj5he