Petrified Eyes

G. G. Groff
1894 Science  
Frost Plants. P~o r~s s ol\lcl)ovc;a~,'s article i n Si-ielzce for 1)ec. 29, 1893, and especially Professor Atkinson's notes in t h e Bott-rni~.rri Gtrzette for January, I 894 (11. 40), prompt m e t o recortl another fact tending likewise t o show how hard it is t o malie an absolutely new observation i n science, ant1 how slightly what are afterwards found t o be interesting facts of science are apt t o impress us when first tliscorered. 1 was driving one dab-last suinmer through t h e section
more » ... .vhere Mr. ,\lason and 1 had seen t h e frost flowers o f C'iii~ii<ltl in con1pany with Mr. IVilliam Hunter, no\v o f t h e National Zoiilogical Park, but w h o was rearetl in that country, and has recently become thoroughly acquainted with its flora, furnishing irie f r o m there a large number o f additions t o illy flora o f IVashington and vicinity. A s we passet1 the spot I pointed it out t o h i m ant1 told h i m there mas where w e sanr t h e frost-freaks. W i t h periect naivet& h e replietl that he had been familiar with t h e m all his l i f e , having played with t h e m when a school-boy at t h e village of L4ccotink, hard by ! I J t : s , r~cF. I Y A~<~I . --. .-Coral Reef Formation.
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