Effects of Disordered Ru Substitution inBaFe2As2: Possible Realization of Superdiffusion in Real Materials

Limin Wang, Tom Berlijn, Yan Wang, Chia-Hui Lin, P. J. Hirschfeld, Wei Ku
2013 Physical Review Letters  
An unexpected insensitivity of the Fermi surface to impurity scattering is found in Ru substituted BaFe_2As_2 from first-principles theory, offering a natural explanation of the unusual resilience of transport and superconductivity to a high level of disordered substitution in this material. This robustness is shown to originate from a coherent interference of correlated on-site and inter-site impurity scattering, similar in spirit to the microscopic mechanism of superdiffusion in one
more » ... Our result also demonstrates a strong substitution dependence of the Fermi surface and carrier concentration, and provides a natural resolution to current discrepancies in recent photoelectron spectroscopy. These effects offer a natural explanation of the diminishing long-range magnetic, orbital and superconducting order with high substitution.
doi:10.1103/physrevlett.110.037001 pmid:23373944 fatcat:edgtf5ehofgvhez6xfn5noaj44