Synthesis of Metal Matrix Composites via Powder Metallurgy Route: a Review

M. Meignanamoorthy, M. Ravichandran
2020 Mechanics and Mechanical Engineering  
AbstractPowder Metallurgy (P/M) is playing a vital role to synthesize variety of materials in the field of aerospace, automobile, ordnance, petroleum and petrochemical industries. P/M is an outstanding process to produce components with good mechanical and tribological properties such as strength, hardness, impact resistance and wear resistance. Recently metal matrix composites (MMC) replace conventional alloys because of their extraordinary characteristics. Currently Aluminium, Copper,
more » ... m, Titanium and Iron have been used as matrix materials and materials like TiC, SiC, B4C, WC, Cr3C, TiO2, ZrO2, Gr, MoS2, and Si3N4 have been used as reinforcements to synthesize metal matrix composites. When compare P/M with other manufacturing methods, it offers ordered microstructure with improved physical, mechanical and tribological properties. From these, powder metallurgy could be commented as an extremely active and cost-effective method when compare with other process. This paper explains the selection suitable process parameters for synthesize MMCs using P/M technique. This paper made an attempt to present the mechanical and tribological properties of various composites fabricated through powder metallurgy technique.
doi:10.2478/mme-2018-0007 fatcat:ysdih6j2u5g5fbrw5un2ovr64q