Development of Indicators to Assess the Prospects of Integrated Innovation Structures at University
Разработка показателей оценки перспективности интегрированных инновационных структур университета

Natalia Vasetskaya
2020 Bulletin of Kemerovo State University Series Political Sociological and Economic sciences  
The research featured integrated innovative scientific and educational structures at university. The research objective was to develop indicators to assess the prospects of these structures. The methods involved content analysis, comparison, and systematization. In the conditions of innovative economy, transformation processes in higher education are becoming especially relevant. The university is an economic entity of the higher education system. It forms new types of units in its structure.
more » ... in its structure. The activities of these units are based on integration processes in the educational, scientific, and industrial spheres. New scientific and educational structures depend on the form of interaction between the university, scientific organizations, and real economy enterprises. Therefore, the innovative structures can be represented by joint laboratories, basic departments, scientific and educational centers, and research laboratories. Their prospects can be estimated using a set of indicators based of the analysis of the goals and expected outcome in the sphere of innovations, science, and education. The most important indicators of the prospects of these innovative structures include academic degrees of the employees, their average age, the prospects of development of scientific areas, training of qualified personnel, quality of infrastructure, wage levels, number of staff, etc. Assessment of the prospects of the innovative structures is useful for strategic planning of educational and scientific activities of the university, as well as addressing financial and structural integrity issues.
doi:10.21603/2500-3372-2020-5-1-85-93 fatcat:wvej3p7ysnek3lcfru2sobjdly