A case of Castleman disease and literature review

Jianlong Jiang, Tengfei Hao, Jingyao Chen, Shaohua Yang, Jianfeng Li, Chumei Huang, Mingzhe Li, Wenhui Wu, Changhua Zhang, Yulong He
2020 Digestive Medicine Research  
Castleman disease (CD) is a heterogeneous disease, the exact cause is not clear at present. To investigate the clinic features of CD, and improve the diagnosis and treatment of this disease. We here present a case of CD in our hospital, literatures were retrospectively analyzed. A 37-year-old male presented at the clinic of Surgery of our hospital with a mass in abdomen found in physical examination. CT/MR showed a mass before the left psoas muscle. Operation was performed. Postoperative
more » ... gy showed proliferated lymphoid follicles, CD was diagnosed. CD is a rare disease of unknown cause with lymphoproliferative disorders. It may be closely related to virus infection, immune deficiency and cytokines. It can be divided into two types: unicentral Castleman disease (UCD) and multicentric castle disease (MCD). Pathological diagnosis is the gold standard of CD diagnosis. It is not easy to diagnose before the operation. The therapeutic effect of CD is closely related to clinical classification, in which UCD is mainly treated by surgery, and the involved lymph nodes need to be removed during the operation, and the prognosis is good after the tumor is completely removed. For the cases that are not suitable for complete resection, comprehensive treatment such as preoperative chemotherapy, radiotherapy, interventional embolization can be performed, so that the tumor can be reduced and then operated again.
doi:10.21037/dmr-20-49 fatcat:dtfdjhmuxbct3lfaexlor2lkda